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SEN Sensory Support

If you work in a school setting with children and young people aged 0 to 19, you can get advice about supporting young people with: 

  • Vision impairment 
  • Hearing impairment
  • Physical disabilities and
  • Complex medical conditions

You can get support and guidance on how to support a child with sensory and physical disabilities, complex medical needs, training needs for staff, specialist equipment and much more.

If you’re a parent, you can find further information from the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Team by email: SEN@hounslow.gov.uk or telephone: 020 8583 2672

People we support: 

  • teachers, support staff and other professionals 
  • private, voluntary and independent organisations, and pre-school settings 

SEND support you can get

  • assessment of a child's sensory and physical disability needs
  • training (including mentoring teachers undergoing training in hearing, visual and multi-sensory impairment)
  • advice and information
  • classroom, curriculum and access support
  • home/ school liaison
  • contact with other professionals
  • monitoring how support is implemented and the impact it's having
  • specialist equipment guidance
  • service for pre-school children with complex disabilities

Areas covered by support

  • vision impairment
    • Support for parents due to COVID-19
    • Support for Schools due to COVID-19
  • hearing impairment
    • Support for parents due to COVID-19
    • Support for Schools due to COVID-19
  • physical disability and complex medical needs
    • Advice for parents due to COVID-19 
    • Advice for schools due to COVID-19

How to contact us

if you are a SENCO please complete a request for involvement

If you’re a professional working with young people and need advice on a child's disabilities, medical condition or sensory impairments please complete a referral