Education Health Care Plan Reviews

EHCPs should be reviewed every year or 6 months for under 5's, big changes are only likely to be when a child changes type of school.  Primary to Secondary or Secondary to College

  • Reviews should be organised by the nursery, school or college.
  • At the Review meeting everyone will look at how well the plan is going
  • Anyone who supports the child should be asked to come to the meeting or write a report on how the child is getting on.

In this section you can find out more about these reviews.

Who can come to a review ?
All professionals working with the child or young person will be invited and will send a report if they are unable to attend.
Those invited should send out progress reports at least 2 weeks before the review meeting.
The meeting should be person-centred and exclusively about the child or young person.
The person hosting the meeting should give you the parent views form before the meeting to help you prepare.
The child or young person should also been given the chance to have their say as well.
All the forms can be found in the forms and guides section
If you want to bring someone with you for support or assistance that's ok, just let the setting/Local authority know- so they can make sure there is enough room.
If you need any materials made into accessible format or translation services or any adjustments to help you at the meeting then contact whoever is hosting the meeting- setting or local authority.
Why would a review be held at a different time?
Sometimes a review will be held earlier, for example, in a year when the child is moving to a new school, a review should be held in the summer of the year prior to the move.
Sometimes an education placement decides that they cannot meet the child or young person’s needs, which means that an early review is necessary so that an action plan can be agreed.
Reviews will take place within 12 months of the previous review decision so if an early review occurs, the 12-month clock starts once the decision is issued.
What will happen at the meeting?
The aim is to review outcomes in the EHCP and progress towards meeting these.
It is not
  • a parents’ evening
  • a discussion about the child’s work in each of their subjects
  • a review of the provision that a school has provided
  • a meeting where everyone reads the professional reports
  • a meeting to re-write the EHCP in detail
  • or a meeting to decide on a new placement.
Will the EHCP always get changed?

Usually EHCPs will be updated only if provision needs to change, the child or young person’s special educational needs have changed, most of the outcomes are no longer relevant, or parents or young people request a personal budget (and this is agreed by the Local Authority). 

Sometimes, the outcome of the review is that the provision in the EHCP is no longer required and so the plan will cease.
If it is agreed with the Local Authority that it will change then the final changed EHCP must be issued within 8 weeks of the decision to change the plan.
If the Local Authority decides not to amend the EHCP, and the parent/young person think it should be changed then they can appeal this decision at SEND Tribunal and have the right to request a mediation session.

What happens next?
Minutes or the Annual Review Form should be issued within 2 weeks of the meeting.
The Local Authority must decide whether to change the EHCP or not within 4 weeks of the meeting.