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About Neurodiversity

Some people think and act differently to other people because of the way their brain works. This is called Neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity can affect someone's behaviour, memory or ability to learn. People experience the world in many ways. We are all different – we have different eyes, hair, skin, abilities and beliefs. Our brains can be different too. Knowing more about our differences helps us to be more understanding.

Understanding that Neurodiversity is an essential form of human diversity subject to the same social dynamics as other forms of diversity. The idea that there is one “normal” type of brain or style of neurocognitive functioning has no more value than the idea that there is one “right” culture, gender, race or sexuality. When embraced, diversity acts as a positive force to unleash creative potential.

We need to help one another to navigate the world and find strategies to help us all reach our potential.

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Supermarket Shopping - Sensory Friendly

The National Autistic Society survey suggests that 64% of autistic people avoid the shops. In addition, 28% of them report that they have been asked to leave a public place for reasons associated for their Autism.

Because of this, we have prepared a short but useful guide on what common supermarkets have on offer to help support Neurodiverse people with their sensory friendly shopping experiences. 

Click here to read our guide on Supermarket Shopping.