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Sensory & Physical SEN Team

Who are the Sensory & Physical SEN Team?

The Sensory & Physical SEN Team
The Sensory & Physical SEN Team provides advice and support for Children and Young People aged from 0 - 19 years of age. It incorporates the following sub teams:
  • Deaf & Hearing Support Team
  • Vision Impairment Support Team
  • Physical Disability and/or Complex Medical Needs Support Team

Who do we support?
Our specialist teachers and staff work with educational settings, families, professional colleagues to support Children and Young People with additional physical, medical and/or sensory needs.

What do we do?
Children and Young People with sensory and physical needs may struggle to access or engage with learning. We work with families and schools to help them better understand the additional needs of these Children and Young People and how they can be best supported. We visit settings and work directly with Children and Young People to provide them with specialist teaching, social and emotional programs, and other support dependent on the individual’s needs. We ensure that Children and Young People have appropriate adjustments/interventions in place across various settings, enabling them to achieve their social, personal, and academic potential.

We support with transition planning and preparing for adulthood. If required, we can support with exam access arrangements. We also support with EHC applications and professional meetings.

Each specialist advisory team liaises closely with our colleagues in Health to ensure that any updates to a Children and Young People’s sensory and physical needs are shared with our colleagues in Education.

Technology & Equipment:
The Sensory & Physical SEN Team may identify a learner requires specialist technology/equipment to access curriculum work or social opportunities. We may recommend your school purchases universal technology such as a tablet or laptop. Specialised technology or equipment is assessed and provided by our team and sent on loan to schools and settings.

Specialised Training:
The Sensory & Physical SEN Team also run regular online and face to face sessions that include but are not limited to:
  • Inclusion training for school staff/parents/carers and professionals online and face to face
  • Preparation for adulthood programme for students and families in year 9 and above
  • Technology training
  • Supporting families and Children and Young People applying for Disability Living Allowance, Disabled Student Allowance
  • Preschool weekly baby sensory groups and other annual events