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Vision impairment

If you are concerned about your child's vision contact your GP or a local optician - Children are entitled to a free eye test.

Find an Optician

If your child is unable to have an eye test at an Opticians due to their needs or disabilities your GP or an optician can refer you for specialist support.

There is support available for children with complex or more severe vision impairment at home and at school.

Specialist support at school

There is also a Primary school with a specialist centre for children with Visual Impairment

Royal National Institute for Blind (RNIB)

RNIB - See Differently
Royal National Institute for Blind people – Community Eye Care Liaison Officers
Royal National Institute for Blind people (RNIB) have partnered with Middlesex Association of the Blind (MAB) and Hounslow Council to introduce two community-based Eye Care Liaison Officers (ECLOs) to support people with a visual impairment in Hounslow.
ECLOs will offer support and advise you on:
  • eye conditions
  • welfare benefits you may be entitled to
  • remaining in employment or re-training
  • mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • children's services and where to get help with difficulties at school
  • voluntary organisations and local support groups.
  • Offer practical and emotional support to blind and partially sighted people, their families and carers.
  • ECLOs are also able to explain the process of becoming registered as blind or partially sighted and the benefits of being registered.
If you would like to refer someone or have any queries, contact us:
Email: rnib.hounsloweclo@nhs.net Alternatively, you can call the ECLOs:
Parm - 07355 021570
Eshita – 07720 104000
Our ECLOs can speak Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu and have facilities to call a language line to help interpret for other languages.”

RSBC - Services for children and young people with Visual Impairment

The Royal Society for Blind Children

The Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) offers a range of free services for vision impaired children and young people, and their families.

1. RSBC Live Life, Go Further Programme

The RSBC Live Life Go Further programme includes a wide range of fun activities for vision impaired young people aged 8-25 that are delivered across England and Wales, all of which contribute to reducing isolation, building friendship groups, and learning new skills. Activities run throughout the year, with additional sessions during school holiday periods.
We work in partnership with local organisations across the country to help everyone find something that interests them in their area. Sessions are delivered face-to-face and online.
We’re always adding new activities to our Live Life Go Further programme but here are some recent examples:
  • Health and Wellbeing activities including sports, fitness workouts, cookery and healthy living workshops.
  • Social and Independence activities including Supper Squad, Audiobook club and Sisterhood (for young women and girls)
  • Creative and music sessions
  • Assistive Technology (for both Parents and Young People) and gaming sessions

2. RSBC Families First

RSBC offers emotional and practical support for any family with a vision impaired child between the ages of 0-25.
A diagnosis of vision impairment can be challenging for the whole family. The implications can be varied and significant, and many families may want some support to help them manage.
RSBC Families First is here to help. We have an experienced team of Family Practitioners across England and Wales who offer support based on each family’s needs.
Support can be accessed whenever it is needed but may be particularly useful around times of change. These might include at the point of diagnosis, deterioration of vision, changing schools, changes within the family, or managing the transition into adulthood. RSBC Family Practitioners can provide support over the phone or internet, in your home, at school or a convenient location.

3. RSBC Dorton College of Further Education

RSBC Dorton College offers a day provision for vision impaired students (16-25).
Based in the London Borough of Bromley, we promote best-in-class, inclusive education and learning at all levels. Students follow an individual programme of academic learning and skills development, including support from a QTVI and help with specialist technology.
We work closely with a range of partners, from both mainstream and specialist educational settings, to ensure that students get the very best from their time with us. We have ‘hybrid’ partnership arrangements with local General Further Education Colleges, which further increases the range and opportunities our students have access to.

4. RSBC Information and Advice Service

We understand that it’s not always easy to access the extra help that is available through benefits, grants and concessions.
We offer free information, guidance and support for parents/guardians of vision impaired children (aged 0-25) or vision impaired young adults aged 16-25.
We can advise on:
  • Welfare Benefits including Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Personal Independence payment (PIP)
  • Grants
  • Transport and Travel concessions including Freedom Pass, Blue Badge and Motability applications
  • Accessing other RSBC services
 We can also offer confidential, practical support for:
  • Form filling
  • Written and online applications
  • Mandatory reconsideration and appeals
Please note RSBC Information and Advice Service does not provide Housing Advice. If you need Housing Advice, please contact www.shelter.org.uk or your local Housing Advice Centre.

5. RSBC Employment programme

We support vision impaired young people (16-25) to develop the confidence and skills to achieve their employment aims.
Our employment programme prepares young people for the job-hunting process through CV and application writing, mock interviews, technology training, work experience and meeting potential employers.
Once we have helped someone secure work, RSBC continues to offer support and mentoring for both the young person and the employer for six months.
We also advise on training, further education and self-employment.