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Starting School Nursery

Starting nursery class If a child has SEND

Children can take up a free, part-time place in a nursery class from the September after their third birthday.

For children with complex and profound needs there are Specialist Assessment nurseries in Hounslow. Admissions to these need to be completed via the Hounslow SEN team.

Children with an Education Health and Care Plan (ECHP), the information set out in the Starting Nursery school in Hounslow brochure relating to the application process does not apply to you. To discuss the arrangements which will need to be made for your child, please contact the SEN team on 020 8583 2672 or email SEN@hounslow.gov.uk.

For all other children, the application forms are available in January each year and you have until the beginning of May to submit your application directly to the school/s of your choice. (you may apply to more than one). You will be notified at the end of May if your child has a place at your chosen school/s for September.

If you believe your child has difficulties with their learning or special educational need discuss this with the staff responsible for SEN, the SENCO or the Headteacher when you visit the school which you are thinking of applying. Mainstream schools will work with parents to track children’s progress and record the outcomes and agreed provision in a SEND support plan.

For more information and to download the latest brochure and application form, see Nursery admissions.

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