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Activities to do with Children at home 

The Early Years SEN Team have created a range of information sheets with activity ideas for families with young children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disability that can be carried out in the home.

Top tips:
The information sheets are linked to a range of needs and include useful examples of strategies, activities and interventions to try with your child. To help you select the right activities or interventions, think about:
• What your child enjoys and can do and what they need help with
• Activities, strategies or interventions that your child’s Speech and Language Therapist or Occupational Therapist or other professional may have recommended
• Try to pick one information sheet to start with. You can then have fun and focus on one or two activities, strategies or an intervention at a time before moving onto another information sheet
• If your child is attending an early years setting, you could also speak to the SENCO or your child’s key person to help you select relevant activities or interventions

Follow the links below to find the right information sheets for you and your child.

Communication and Language

Activities, games and interventions to support your child’s Speech, Language and Communication skills 

Physical Development

Play and Learning

Practical suggestions for ways to play with everyday toys to help develop your child’s play skills

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Activities, games and interventions to support your child’s social interaction skills  


Learn how to help your child understand and follow simple routines