ASD Assessment Process under 5
Assessment Processes
The Assessment Process will differ depending on what age your child is at the time of
Under 5
If your child is under 5, their Autism assessment will be handled by the Child Development
Team in Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare Trust (HRCH) Community
Paediatrics Team. 

Referrals are accepted from schools and other professionals like your Speech and
Language Therapist or GP.
Contact Information –
Address: Heart of Hounslow Centre for Health, 92 Bath Road, Hounslow TW3 3EL
Tel: 020 3771 6100
Fax: 020 3771 6096
ASD Assessment Process 5-18
Over 5
For Over 5s, the autism assessment is completed by Hounslow CAMHS Neurodevelopmental Service. 

Referrals are accepted from schools and other professionals like your GP.

Contact Information – Hounslow CAMHS Neurodevelopmental Team

Website (with referral criteria and information):
Address: Heart of Hounslow Centre for Health, 92 Bath Road, Hounslow TW3 3EL

Tel: 020 8483 2050
ASD assessment 18+

If you think you or the young adult may have autism, and they are over the age of 18,

referrals can be made to the Hounslow Adult Autism Assessment and Diagnostic Service (HAADS) by health and social care professionals, such as GPs, psychiatrists and social workers.

As an adult, the young person with Autism must consent and agree to the referral being made on their behalf.

Assessments will be carried out by clinical psychologists with training in specialist assessments for Autism Spectrum Conditions.

Please note that this service is limited to assessment and diagnosis only.

To discuss a potential referral, please call 020 8614 5420

What happens while waiting for an assessment?
Your child still has rights to support without a diagnosis and whilst waiting for an
assessment. You can apply for benefits & support for your child whether or not they have an
autism diagnosis.
Your child may be entitled to extra help at school and/or benefits.
For more information, please contact the SENCO at your school.
For benefits information, please contact Citizens Advice Bureau or the National Autistic
Society’s page on benefits entitlements 
The money and benefits section has more information
Some of the services in this directory are also open to families of children who do not have
an ASD diagnosis.
What happens if my child receives a diagnosis?
If, following the assessment process, your child is found to have a diagnosis of Autism, you
will be informed by the professional completing the assessment. They might do this on the
day of the assessment, by phone on a later date, or in a written report that they send to you
in the post. You will be provided with information about your child’s specific needs, alongside
an information pack with additional general resources for children and young people with
autism. The information in the pack provided may not be relevant to you at that given
moment, but may be useful to refer back to later, and may include useful information about
other services and resources you can access in Hounslow.
You may need some time to process the news of an autism diagnosis. This is completely
normal. You may refer to any of these resources at any point on your child with autism’s
journey and development, until they are 25.