Central Area Children's Centres

Where to find us...

Beavers Children's Centre, The Hub, 103 Salisbury Road, TW4 7NW. Tel: 020 8583 5576
Cranford Children's Centre, Cranford Primary School, Berkeley Avenue, TW4 6LB. Tel: 020 8583 5590
Midsummer Park Children's Centre, 292 Staines Road, TW4 5BA. Tel: 020 8583 5805
Lampton Family Hub Central, Neville Close, Hounslow,TW3 4JG. Tel: 020 8583 5720

Central area manager - Gary Conisbee. Gary.conisbee@hounslow.gov.uk

How can I access a children's centre?

Parents - you need to register on your very first visit then are able to attend all centres thereafter.

Professionals - to refer families to a specific group or centre for additional support, you will need to complete a referral form