Bullying and Online Safety

Bullying can often be things like 

  • name-calling,
  • hitting,
  • happy-slapping (when someone gets attacked and it's filmed on a mobile phone)
  • stealing someone’s things,
  • receiving nasty messages either via mobile phones or the internet
  • false rumours about you. 

This can happen to any of us, at any time and any place but nobody has the right to hurt you or make you feel bad.

In School

Speak with your parent, teacher or head of year, to see how the school will support you to overcome the bullying.

Bullying outside of school

Head teachers have a responsibility to make sure pupils behave outside of the school. This includes bullying that happens anywhere off the school site, eg on public transport or in a town centre. So if the bullying is happening outside of school by children that attends your school talk to your teacher or head of year.

If the bullying is not from children in your school you will need to report this to the police. They will be able to tell you what you need to do.