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The different types of childcare

Registered and unregistered childcare - what's the difference?
A registered childcare provider is someone who is registered with Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) to look after children under the age of 8. They are subject to inspections by Ofsted to make sure they meet the required standards which includes undergoing a Disclosure and Barring Service(DBS) check to ensure they have no previous criminal convictions that prohibit them from working with children and vulnerable people. 

Unregistered childcare could include family and friends who look after your child or toddler groups where staff will be present but you remain responsible for your child whilst there. 
Not all childcare has to be registered with Ofsted, there are some exemptions although some that don't have to register may choose to on the voluntary register, such as a nanny. 

All childcare providers listed in this directory are registered and subject to Ofsted inspections