The Travel Buddy Service

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Travel buddy service

We provide independent travel training and travel support to adults with disabilities and mental health difficulties giving choice and control in accessing mainstream forms of transport

This support is provided by adults with disabilities who are employed as travel buddies by the London Borough of Hounslow.

Core services provided are:

  • Travel training
  • One to one travel support
  • Group buddy support
  • One off journey support
  • Safety awareness workshops for residents

To be eligible for the service you need to be:

  • aged 16 or over and living within the London Borough of Hounslow
  • have a disability or mental health difficulty
  • be aiming to increase and show a commitment to developing your independent travelling skills.
  • be willing and able to travel using public transport
  • be physically able to walk short distances
  • be known to a professional who is able to provide information on your disability.

Who to contact

Georgia Metzger
020 8583 6160
07903 870067
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View The Travel Buddy Service contact details.

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