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Project Search

Support offered for children with special educational needs and disabilities

Project SEARCH is a one year transition program which provides training and education leading to employment for individuals with disabilities. The programme occurs on-site at a business which has the commitment to support people with disabilities in the workplace.

Project SEARCH is based on a partnership that includes a business, a training organisation – sometimes a college and a supported employment organisation. The goal is to provide on-site internship experiences in order for young adults with learning disabilities to acquire necessary skills leading to competitive employment.

The cornerstone of Project SEARCH is total immersion in a large business. Each day, students report to the host business, learn employability skills in the classroom and job skills while participating in 3 – 4 internships/experiences during the year. Students also participate in monthly progress meetings to define their career goal and plan necessary steps to achieve that goal.

Students get continual feedback from managers, co-workers and Project SEARCH staff. Students end their day by reflection, problem solving, planning and journaling their key learning. The ultimate goal upon programme completion is competitive employment utilising the skills learned on the internships and throughout the programme.

Excellent outcomes have been achieved through this model in other places, including Project SEARCH based at GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) headquarters in Hounslow.

In west London Project Search Programmes are being held by the organisations below. If a young person is interested in the programme they can contact the people below for more information; an application form will need to be submitted to be considered for a place. The programme is available for young people in their final year of high school or college.

West London Project Search Programmes:

London Borough Hounslow Project Search (NEW PROGRAMME)
Contact: Beverley Mcguire at West Thames College

Hilton Hotel Terminal 5
Contact: Hilton London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5,
Poyle Road, Colnbrook, Heathrow, Berkshire, SL3 0FF
Tel: 01753 686 860
Email: or

GSK Headquarters in Hounslow

Contact: Sanna Baig at West Thames College

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