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Disability access fund (DAF)

The Disability Access Fund (DAF) is funding for early years providers to support children with disabilities or special educational needs. It aids access to early years places by supporting providers in making reasonable adjustments to their settings.

It cannot be used to pay for cost of additional hours.  It is the responsibility of the early years provider to decide how to spend the DAF.


Each child needs to be aged three to four and receive:

Four year olds in maintained, academy, free school or primary school reception classes are not eligible.

Each child doesn't have to use the full 570 hours of entitlement.

How to get the disability access fund

For each eligible child, parents will need to:

  • complete the relevant section on the Parent Declaration Form (the early years provider will have this form)

  • show their disability living allowance letter

Early years providers in Hounslow can then contact the local authority by emailing to confirm they have a child eligible to access DAF.

How the disability access fund is paid

£615 is paid once, annually, for each eligible child.

If the child uses more than one early years provider, the parent must choose which provider gets the funding.  If the child moves setting in the same financial year, the fund will stay with the designated early years provider, and the child won’t be eligible for a new payment until the next financial year.

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Please don’t include any sensitive information (name, age, address) about the child when making contact.

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