Young Peoples Sexual Health Service and Teenage Pregnancy

The Young Peoples Sexual Health service aims to provide sexual health support and advice to young people including those who are pregnant or who are young parents

We also offer support in areas such as smoking, high aspirations and heightened self-esteem.

We aim to:

  • develop a range of sexual health services for young people which meet best practice standards, and which are widely known about by young people
  • improve the health, education and life chances of pregnant teenagers, teenage parents and their children, by co-coordinating and improving support from the antenatal through to the post-natal period, with a focus on increasing opportunities for education, employment and training
  • reduce conceptions and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • increase young people’s life chances

How and when would I be referred?

A young person could be referred for reasons including:

  • requiring sexual health information and advice
  • support to return into education, training and employment
  • support in being a teenage mother or father
  • rebuilding confidence

Download our documents and you can read about:

  • The Life Choice programme -  designed for young people aged 14 and over who want to become parents and
  • Speakeasy - that provides support to parents and carers of teenagers to develop confidence and skills to talk to their children about sex and contraception.

For emergency contraception, please refer to the document for download on the left hand side listing all the outlets where you can obtain these

Who to contact

Early Help Hounslow
020 8583 6600
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View Young Peoples Sexual Health Service and Teenage Pregnancy contact details.
View Young Peoples Sexual Health Service and Teenage Pregnancy contact details.

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