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One-to-One is a strategically structured provision that seeks to meet the exact needs of the most complex young people, who are either struggling to attend and/or achieve within school. The intervention seeks to re-integrate these young people into mainstream school classes by providing alternative avenues of engagement and education.

In partnerships with the school, professional agencies, and other charitable services; One-Eighty will draw on every available resource to assess and then develop the young person’s support programme.

An intervention runs over the course of 8 weeks (2-week assessment period, 6-week 1:1 session period) whereby the sessions are delivered in a therapeutic style, ensuring the young person feels supported and listened to.

Outcomes include healthier relationships, an increased ability to cope with stress and emotional frustration. Once these are achieved, higher levels are tackled to provide the young person with the opportunity to achieve and meet developmental milestones.

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Service details

Referral required?
Who needs to make the referral?
School, professional or private referral by the parent/family member themselves. Referral form available in the link above
Age Range
4-18 years
Sessions and the total cost of the intervention are calculated following the assessment period as this will vary depending on the level of need.
Additional Information
All staff are DBS checked and trained in the One-Eighty approach and receive ongoing support through regular supervision and additional training when appropriate.

SEND information 

SEND Details

We are a systemic family psychology service, which means we look at all the systems within a child’s environment that affects their behaviour (including any additional needs and disabilities). Our aim is to help young people to gain their own insight into why they behave as they do. It is proven that with this understanding they are then more able to develop their own rationale for alternative ways of behaving and their own strategies for behaving differently. 

We use the term ‘Critical Thinking Theory’ to describe this process, and in practice this looks like a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Family Therapy, and Motivational Coaching. Our interventions are designed to facilitate the examination of real life, classroom and community situations by encouraging critical thinking and self-discovery through 1:1 support and learning through a creative and curious style.     


We are currently based at Spring Grove House within West Thames College which has access via the lifts and ground floor meeting space. 

Where to go

Venue address
209 Spring Grove House, West Thames College
London Road

Who to contact

Mark Keep
020 8326 2213
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View One-Eighty contact details.

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