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We provide a range of services as part of your vision and mission to reach as many young people that we can. Our One-to-One service is depicted below:

One-to-One is a strategically structured provision that seeks to meet the exact needs of the most complex young people, who are on the brink of complete exclusion. The programme seeks to re-integrate these young people into mainstream school classes through providing alternative avenues of engagement and education.

In partnerships with the school, professional agencies, and other charitable services; One-Eighty will draw on every available resource to assess and then develop the young person’s support programme.

An intervention runs over the course of 7 weeks where the first week is taken to conduct a comprehensive assessment by meeting with the key stakeholders in the life of the young person. The programme will be completely tailored to each young person and will be shown to the school after the assessment week.

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Service details

Referral required?
Age Range
4-18 years

How we support SEND 

SEND Details

This is a specific psychology based intervention aimed at supporting young people with SEND to return to School and engage successfully with education. This is achieved by addressing anxiety/ASC issues as well as building social and life skills at home and in the community.    


We are currently based at Spring Grove House within West Thames College which has access via the lifts and ground floor meeting space. 

Where to go

Name of venue
Spring Grove House
Venue address
West Thames College London Road

Who to contact

Mark Keep
020 8326 2213
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View One-Eighty contact details.

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