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Early Years SEN Team

Local Offer

The Early Years SEN Team consists of Advisory Teachers and Specialist Practitioners who work with the early years settings (private, voluntary and independent) in the borough to support the inclusion of children from 0–5 years with additional needs and/or identified special educational needs and disability (SEND). 

The Early Years SEN Team fulfil the remit of the Area SENCO role (SEND Code of Practice 0–25 years January 2015 p89-90) and provide support to early years settings in the following ways:

Supporting individual children with additional needs / identified SEND:

  • Provide advice on early identification, assessment and intervention.
  • Provide practical support on strategies and interventions.
  • Provide resources and advise on adaptation / purchase of resources to support inclusion.
  • Support with implementing SEN Support / graduated approach including producing and reviewing targeted plans (i.e. Individual Support Plans).
  • Promote partnership between settings and parents/carers.
  • Encourage links with other agencies and professionals from health, education, social care and other organisations in the borough.
  • Support in discussions regarding statutory assessment process (if required).
  • Support in transition from setting to school placement.
  • Accessing Financial Support (disability access fund)

Referrals - A referral to an EY SEN Advisory Teacher for support for an individual child is made, with the permission of the parents/carers, by an early years setting  (within London Borough of Hounslow only)

This will require completion of a SAU5 professional referral form available under downloads.

Criteria for referral:

  • Child has needs that are significantly ‘additional to’ or different from’ other children their age.
  • Presents with a delay in two or more prime areas (EYFS) that is half of chronological age.
  • Progress is limited despite a period of intervention.
  • Identified SEN in one of the four areas of need:
    • Communication and interaction.
    • Cognition and learning.
    • Social, emotional and mental health.
    • Sensory and/or physical needs.

The Early Years SEN Team role is also to provide training, advice and guidance to early years providers to support with the development of inclusive policy, practice and environment which is done so through the following:


  • Provide a comprehensive package of five sessions of training for new SENCOs that includes information on statutory duties in relation the Equality Act (2010) and SEND Code of Practice 0 – 25 years (2014) and their role and responsibilities as a setting SENCO.
  • Organise SENCO Forums that take place each term for setting SENCOs to access which provide update on SEND legislation and local authority systems as well as the opportunity to network and share good practice.
  • Provide a range of training sessions that all early years practitioners can access through the EYDCP Training Calendar aimed at supporting the inclusion of children under the four identified areas of SEN (see above).
  • Bespoke training packages are offered to settings for identified whole setting training needs.

Support in developing inclusive policy and practice:

  • Carry out SEN Annual Reviews that identify next steps through action planning.
  • Provide monitoring visits based on level of support required to further develop inclusive policy and practice.

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View Early Years SEN Team contact details.

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