We are pleased to announce the new  winter light trail event for 2020 at Chiswick House and Gardens. Lightopia!

Lightopia aims to revive and reinterpret the classics, transporting the audience into a very different world of expression and raw emotion with the light designs and interactive pieces. The designs are the timeless units of nature. The interaction between space and form is made possible by Lightopia, a spiritual society that exists only in the works and ideas of its creation. We want to build on the idea that Lightopia transcend the original form and serve an even higher purpose through careful artistic intervention.

Service details

From £13

When is it on

Date & Time
22 January to 1 March 2020, Entry from 5pm – 9pm
Session Information
The event will run Wednesday – Sunday between the 22 January and 1 March.

Where to go

Venue address
Chiswick House and Gardens Burlington Lane
W4 2RP

Who to contact

0730 705 8893
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View Lightopia contact details.
View Lightopia contact details.

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