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Play Streets in Hounslow!

Play streets are roads which are dedicated to play at certain times of the year.

We are encouraging local people to apply for regular street closures on their road to provide children the opportunity to play outside safely, free from traffic and cars passing through. Outdoor play is proven to increase the social, physical and mental health of children and young people. Play Streets also encourage neighbours to get to know one another and increase a sense of community and as the warmer months are approaching this is the perfect time for residents to apply for a street closure on their road.

Residents can find out more and apply for a street closure via the LBH website Play Streets is open to anyone [please note that some roads may not be eligible for a closure due to it being located on a busy public transport route].

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Public disclaimer:

The role of this directory is to provide information. It is your personal responsibility to make sure that organisations are appropriate and safe for you, your child or young person before they attend. Please read our guide to staying safe - things to consider