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Community paediatric service

Support offered for children with special educational needs and disabilities

If your child has special or complex health needs, community paediatricians are specialists in assessment and support.

What paediatricians can support you with

Developmental/ educational conditions

  • motor delay/ clumsiness/ coordination problems

  • social communication issues like autism spectrum disorder

  • global developmental delay

  • neurodevelopmental concerns

  • speech and language difficulties

  • Down's syndrome, neurofibromatosis, tuberous sclerosis and developmental regression

  • ex-NICU babies with neurodevelopmental concerns

  • acquired brain injury / disabilities following trauma, infection or malignancy

Behavioural conditions

  • suspected attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Medical conditions

  • epilepsy in children with known neurodevelopmental problems

How a child or young person can get support

If you feel a child needs to be assessed, a referral needs to be made by a professional.

This could be a health visitor, GP, medical professional, special educational needs coordinator (SENCO), school nurse or social worker, among others.

Find referral information and then contact us.

Where to go

Name of venue
Heart of Hounslow Centre for Health
Venue address
92 Bath Road

Who to contact

020 3771 6100
Heart of Hounslow Centre for Health/community-nursing-children-hounslow
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View Community paediatric service contact details.
View Community paediatric service contact details.

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The role of this directory is to provide information. It is your personal responsibility to make sure that organisations are appropriate and safe for you, your child or young person before they attend. Please read our guide to staying safe - things to consider