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Chiltern Music Therapy

Support offered for children with special educational needs and disabilities

Available at home, in community or school settings or online.

Chiltern Music Therapy is an award-winning not-for-profit organisation that provides a music therapy service to people of all ages. Chiltern Music Therapy offers expertise in the fields of learning disabilities, mental health, brain injury, dementia and Alzheimer's, palliative care, neonatal and paediatrics. Our services are available face-to-face or online.

Service details

Referral required?
Who needs to make the referral?
Please e-mail for a referral form, or call and leave a message and one of the team will call you back to tell you about our services.  
Age Range
All ages
Additional Information

Staff are DBS checked and receive safeguarding training. All staff have a duty to protect children from harm, as well as identifying and responding to abuse, by reporting it to our designated safeguarding lead. We are also aware of how children with SEN can face additional safeguarding challenges.

When is it on

Date & Time
Monday - Friday, morning and afternoon sessions. Please contact us for further details

SEND information 

SEND Details

Music Therapy is a therapeutic intervention using music, which looks at creating change and improvements in communication, physical, social, cognitive and emotional needs. We help people with functional needs, such as helping develop skills in cognition, speech and communication or motor skills. We also help people with psychological needs, working on emotional well-being and mental health issues. Music Therapy uses the influence of music to affect specific behaviours and outcomes and is a clinical and evidence-based process, tailored to each individual’s goals.


We offer sessions in accessible locations in the community, in schools, residential care, at home or online.

We make every effort to accommodate people with all levels of disability.

Who to contact

Vicky Crouch
01442 780541
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View Chiltern Music Therapy contact details.
View Chiltern Music Therapy contact details.

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