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Home based education and support service for young children with additional needs

Support offered for children with special educational needs and disabilities

Hounslow Portage Service is a home visiting educational service for children with moderate to severe delays in two or more areas of development, requiring input from health services and are likely to have significant learning difficulties.  Children do not need to have any specific diagnosis.

A child can be referred from the age of six months and we will work with the family until the child enters a nursery or pre-school setting.

Each child has a portage home visitor who will visit them and their family at home on a weekly or fortnightly basis demonstrating and teaching new skills to the child, working in partnership with and supporting the parents/carers.

The home visitor will maintain records and review progress through activity charts, teaching targets, long term goals and six monthly reports for the review and curriculum planning meeting with the parents.

Children who are on the portage programme are also invited to take part in specific group play sessions at Redlees Play Centre.

We also offer the social communication matters parent course for families with young children up to nursery age who have been identified by a Paediatrician as having social communication difficulties.

Service details

Referral required?
Who needs to make the referral?
If you would like to refer a child who lives in Hounslow for the Portage service or the social communication matters course (SCM) you must have permission of the parents/carers. Parents can refer themselves. Please complete the form which is in Downloads and return it to: Hounslow Portage Service Redlees Play Centre Worton Road Isleworth, TW7 6DW.
Parental supervision
Age Range
6 months until Nursery entry
Additional Information

All Portage Home Visitors have relevant degree level qualification in addition to further training in SEND and have completed The National Portage Association Training

SEND information 

SEND Details
  • Every child and every family should be valued for their individuality as diversity brings strength to us all.
  • Inclusion and participation of every individual in our community is a right that should be supported and nurtured.
  • Parents play the key role in supporting their young child’s development.
  • Families have the right to make informed choices and decisions for themselves about things that are important to them now and in the future, whilst remaining the child’s first ally.
  • All children have the right to enjoy the widest range of play experiences, as these are the foundation of learning and development.
  • Early childhood is the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives: it is not just a preparation for the next stage – it is vitally important in itself.
  • Everyday contacts, relationships and activities are fundamental in nurturing development, quality of life and experience.
  • Services for families are most useful when they support everyday living and are delivered within the child’s natural environment.
  • All children are able to learn. Building on abilities and strengths, rather than focusing on difficulties, best supports their progress.

Redlees Play centre is fully accessible.

Where to go

Name of venue
Redlees Play Centre
Venue address
Worton Road

Who to contact

Denise Davidson
020 8583 6270
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View Home based education and support service for young children with additional needs contact details.
View Home based education and support service for young children with additional needs contact details.

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