Hounslow Youth Counselling Service

Counselling is there to help you to work out how you want to be in the world. Sometimes we get stuck in relationships or there is confusion in life. Sometimes family and friends don't quite understand or we cannot talk to those people who are close to us. A counsellor can help you to see things from a different viewpoint so that you can move forward in the direction that is useful for you.

No matter how big or small the problem is we will talk with you. You might think about contacting us and then think 'oh no, they won't want to talk to me' or 'there are people with bigger problems or more needy' - we do want to speak with you and whatever you bring will be important.

Where to go

Venue address
78-80 St. Johns Road

Who to contact

0208 568 1818
Text: 07784 481 308
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View Hounslow Youth Counselling Service contact details.
View Hounslow Youth Counselling Service contact details.

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