Incredible Years Parenting Programme

Parenting can be challenging for a variety of reasons and it is common experience to feel overwhelmed and unsure about how to make changes. The Incredible Years group gives you the opportunity to be with other parents to share ideas and learn ways to help you manage your child’s behaviour positively.

Incredible Years has been shown to be helpful for parents who would like support to manage their child’s behaviour. It has also shown to be effective for children who have significant behavioural difficulties, as well as those with conduct disorders and diagnosis such as ADHD.

This course includes:

  • Techniques to encourage positive behaviour from your child using special time, emotional coaching, praise, reward charts etc.
  • Reducing negative behaviour directly through ignoring, time out (when age appropriate) for aggression and consequences

For more information on this programme, please see either the parent and carers leaflet or professional leaflet in downloads

Service details

Referral required?
Who needs to make the referral?
Professionals or Individuals can self-refer. To refer a family or to self-refer to this group, please complete an online parenting group referral form. *Please note: making a referral does not guarantee a space on to this course. Once the referral has been received, it will be assessed for suitability and we will be in touch.
Age Range
3-5 years

When is it on

Session Information
Creche spaces available
*Please note that a referral does not guarantee a place on to this group. The parent/carer will be contacted following the referral, to discuss group suitability and if necessary offered a space.

SEND information 

SEND Details

All staff are trained to provide an inclusive service to all families. Please contact us if you would like to know more information or would like to request any reasonable special adaptations.

Who to contact

Michaela Clapson
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View Incredible Years Parenting Programme contact details.

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