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Marjory Kinnon School

Support offered for children with special educational needs and disabilities

Find out how Marjory Kinnon School supports young people with special educational needs...

Look at their website here

You’ll find information about:

  • how their curriculum and learning environment supports your child
  • how you can contact the school’s special education needs coordinator (SENCO) for more information


As a special school admissions to Marjory Kinnon School are completed via London Borough of Hounslow SEN Service.

Where to go

Name of venue
Marjory Kinnon School
Venue address
Hatton Road
TW14 9QZ

Who to contact

020 8890 8890
Marjory Kinnon school website
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View Marjory Kinnon School contact details.
View Marjory Kinnon School contact details.

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