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Hounslow Let's Talk Programme

Let's Talk is a free 12 week structured therapeutic group programme for children, young people and mothers affected by domestic violence.


In the children and young people's group, we help children share their experiences in a safe, fun and confidential environment.


Our activities include art, stories, discussion, role play and videos to enable children to express their feelings. In the 12 weeks we cover topics including, feelings, anger, safety planning, children's experiences of violence, problem solving, staying safe from sexual abuse, dealing with family changes and self esteem.

In the mother's group we offer a safe supportive and confidential environment to help women to communicate with their children about their experiences, while building up their own support network with women who have had similar experiences.


During a term Let’s Talk Programme delivers 2 groups to children affected by domestic violence.  There will be one parallel mother’s group during this period. 


The groups are free and are planned as follows: 


Mondays -   1 to 2.45pm - Childrens Group, Younger Group (5 to 8 year olds), Year Groups 1 to 3


Thursdays - 1 to 2.45pm - Young people's Group, Older Groups (8 to 11 year olds or Teen Group, Year Groups 4-6 or 7-11

Mondays -   1 to 2.45pm - Mothers Goup 



Please note to attend these groups, the perpetrating adult must be living out of the family home.


Comments from children and young people from previous groups: 

  • “The things that you do at Let’s Talk help you to get things out”
  • “We talked about our feelings and that was good.”
  •  “We talk about lots of different things and how to keep safe”
  • “We learnt about sexual abuse.  Also we talk about how you felt about what happened in the past and you will get to make lots of things.”
  • “I really enjoyed Let’s Talk and I would rate it 10/10”
  • “You should enjoy it.  If you don’t come you will regret it.”

Comments from mothers

  • “My child has become less aggressive and has stopped smashing the house up.”
  • “We have a better relationship.  We enjoy each other more”
  • “He is more open. Everyone (in the family) talks more”
  •  “We talk better, the boys recognise how their dad behaves and talk to me about it.”
  • “She has become more confident, more consideration with her siblings.”
  • “I do try to talk to my kids more instead of shouting which seems to be working.”

Service details

Referral required?
Age Range
5years - 16years

Who to contact

Charlotte Roffey
020 8583 4156
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View Hounslow Let's Talk Programme contact details.

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