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Buttle UK

Buttle UK aims to meet the needs of families and young people in crisis. They focus on:

Domestic Abuse: The Anchor Project supports children who have unmet emotional, social or educational needs because of domestic abuse they have been exposed to. We can help reduce the impact domestic abuse can have on a child by funding items, activities or services to help them move forward with their lives and establish a new home.

Emergency Essentials:  financial support of up to around £300 for families or young people living in crisis. 

Boarding places: funded boarding school places for vulnerable children. 

Estranged young People: The package of support we offer young people contains all three elements: support for an education, employment or training goal, as well as funding toward establishing a stable home environment and access to activities that help promote a young person’s wellbeing.

Kinship Care: Kinship care is where children who are unable to stay with their parents remain cared for within their extended families or by existing friends.

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View Buttle UK contact details.

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The role of this directory is to provide information. It is your personal responsibility to make sure that organisations are appropriate and safe for you, your child or young person before they attend. Please read our guide to staying safe - things to consider