Chiswick House walled kitchen garden

Local Offer

The walled kitchen garden runs as gardening activities and learning opportunities for children and young people with SEND.

You can join sessions during the week, or attend a one-off session as part of a group visit.

It’s open for volunteering and learning opportunities each Tuesday and Thursday throughout the year from 10am to 4pm.

School sessions are run every Friday morning during term time and can be booked with the community gardener for classes with SEND pupils. Other times can be offered if staff is available.

Anyone with SEND are welcome to come to the walled garden.

A one to one service is not currently available, so teachers, support workers or parents need to be with SEND clients at all times. 

Service details

Parental supervision
May be required

SEND information 


Accessible with car parking 

Where to go

Name of venue
Garden/Volunteer Office,
Venue address
Chiswick House and Gardens Trust
W4 2QN

Who to contact

William Rallison or Louise Randall
020 3141 3357
020 3141 3367
Email or
Chiswick House and Gardens
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View Chiswick House walled kitchen garden contact details.

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