Local Food Banks

Food Banks provide emergency boxes of food and offer support for people in a crisis. They are good for connecting with your community and identifying other assistance too.

You can get a voucher to use at the Food Bank from local charities, doctors’ surgeries, health visitors, social workers and Citizens Advice.

Vouchers can only be issued a certain amount of times per family, per year and this may vary between the individual Food Banks. Their purpose is to provide short term emergency food to families in crisis whilst a longer term strategy is developed with the assistance of professionals supporting the family.

Below are a list of Food Banks currently operating in Hounslow.  Your referral form or voucher will display the days and times you can collect your food parcel.

St Paul’s Church Food Bank, TW3 3DA.

T: 020 8581 5537 E:info@stpaulshw.org

Bridgelink Food Bank, TW7 7QR

T: 020 8940 0274, E: foodbank@vineyardcommunity.org

Feltham Food Bank, TW14 0AX

T: 07448 831 297 E: felthamfoodbank@gmail.com

Storehouse, TW13 7LX

T: 020 8890 2626, E: storehouse@riversidevineyard.com

Hounslow Community Foodbox

T: 07850 402419, E: info@hounslowfoodbox.org.uk

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