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Travel Skills

Support offered for children with special educational needs and disabilities

The Travel Skills Project offers a tailor-made support program of independent travel skills as an alternative for people who are unable to access free transport assistance from their borough.

This service is available to people with disabilities and enables people to develop vital independent travel skills. Due to the person centred nature of this service we are able to offer different travel training packages ranging from general road safety skills through to comprehensive training enabling people to independently travel a specific route.

How does it work?

An experienced Travel Trainer will meet with you and complete an in-depth assessment in order to find out what support you will need. Based on the assessment, you will be offered a bespoke package of Travel Training Skills at an hourly rate. Once you have accepted your package, Travel Training will be delivered by one of our experienced Travel Trainers. 

Who pays for the training? 

Anyone can pay for Travel Training including parents/carers or any supporting organisation such as schools or social services. 


Contact us to find out more.

Service details

Age Range
11 - 45

SEND information 

SEND Details

Travel Skills is aimed at supporting anyone with SEN and disabilities to increase their skills and confidence in the community. 


placements are person centred to meet the individual needs 

Who to contact

Cathy Back
0208 280 2265
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View Travel Skills contact details.
View Travel Skills contact details.

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