DVIP (Domestic Violence Intervention Project)

We are happy to announce that the DVIP (Domestic Violence Intervention Project) is now based in Hounslow.

We are running a 26 week rolling group programme in the borough for people who have used domestic violence and abuse against their partners. This group is designed to stop violent and abusive behaviour, and help people instead form healthy, respectful relationships.

The programme is suitable for those who acknowledge that their behaviour towards their partner or ex-partner has been violent and/or abusive at times; who are keen to try and change some of the things that have gone wrong; and who want to work towards stopping those things from happening again.

Alongside the group there will be a confidential DVIP Women's Support Service, working separately with the partners of those who have used abuse.

The other part of this service is to advise professionals by offering a consultancy service to professionals working with families where there is domestic violence and abuse.

We are currently accepting referrals for the programme. If you would like to refer yourself for the programme then please call DVIP.  For professionals wanting to refer families or individuals they are working with please call or email us

If you would like to use the service or find out more about it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Who to contact

0207 633 9181
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View DVIP (Domestic Violence Intervention Project) contact details.
View DVIP (Domestic Violence Intervention Project) contact details.

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