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Education, Health and Care plans - Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

We have put together an FAQ for EHCPs - in response to feedback from parents.

We will keep it updated - if you have any feedback on the page please email:

What is an Edcuation Health and Care Plan (EHCP)?

An EHCP will set out the needs of the child and the specialist support they will receive in their education setting

How is information about my child shared?

Information is shared electronically between services according to the council privacy policy.

We make sure we keep information safe and only share what is needed.

What does an EHCP look like ?

You can see a template of a plan on the Local Offer EHCP section

It has the following sections

A: The views, interests and aspirations (wishes) of your child.
B: Special educational needs (SEN).
C: Health needs related to SEN.
D: Social care needs related to SEN.
E: Outcomes (goals) – how the extra help will benefit your child
F: Special educational provision (support).
G: Health provision.
H: Social care provision. (H1 and H2)
I: Placement – type and name of school or other institution.
J: Personal budget arrangements.
K: Advice and information – a list of the information gathered during the EHC needs assessment.

Who can get an EHCP?

Children and Young People 0-25 who require more help than they get at school/ college may need an EHCP.

How do I get one for my child/young person?

Ask the SENDCO at your child school, college or nursery.

Request directly to SEN Service – Form is on Local Offer

Who is allowed to request an EHC assessment?

  • A child or young person’s parent
  • A young person aged 16 – 24
  • A person acting on behalf of a school or post-16 institution (with the knowledge and agreement of the parent or young person where possible)

What happens once my request is received

The SEN Service will ask people working with your child/young person for their view of their needs.

Your request will be decided by a group of people from health, educational psychology service, schools and the SEN Service.

How long does it take?

If your request is agreed, you will have a decision within 6 weeks.

SEN will ask people working with your child/young person for their view of their needs.

Once the assessment has begun you should receive your child’s EHCP within 20 weeks

Do I get to have my say?

All parents have the chance to write their own report about their child and their views are included in the plan.

Can I get help with the forms and reports?

Hounslow SENDIASS (SEND Information, Advice and Support   Service)

Hounslow Parent Carers forum,

Family Matters

SENDCO at child’s school/college.

Our barn Carers group.

Support can be found on Local Offer.

Other professionals may also be able to help

How will I know that my child’s plan is still right for him or her as they get older?

The local authority must review the EHC plan every year once it has been created.

This is normally a meeting at school and parents must be asked what they think.

This is called an Annual Review.

You will be advised within 4 weeks from the date of the meeting of the Local Authority’s decision regarding any Annual Review recommendations

Parents have a right of appeal if their suggested changes are not accepted by the Local Authority

Is an EHCP updated every year?

No, an EHCP is only changed at key stages of a child or young person’s education e.g. transfer from primary to secondary school, or if there has been a significant change in their needs.  Small changes or updates should be reflected in the annual review which can be used as an appendix to the EHCP.

Why don’t you give my child’s school a copy of the appendices that make up the EHCP?

Your child’s EHCP belongs to you and your child the appendices contain personal information about your child which you can share with professionals.

I do not agree that my child’s plan should cease, what can I do?

A Local Authority may decide to stop the EHC plan before the Young person is 25.

Parents have the right of appeal if they do not agree with this decision.