Find a school - ages 5 to 16

If your child has special needs, they can usually get all the support they need at a mainstream school.   

Applying to a mainstream school 

All mainstream schools follow government guidelines about supporting children with special needs, and you can see this information on their websites.  

Find a mainstream primary school in Hounslow here

Find a mainstream secondary school in Hounslow here

Apply for a school through the Hounslow admission process here

Applying to a mainstream school with specialist centre 

If your child has more complex education or disability needs they may need to go to a school with a specialist centre.

This option may be suggested in an education health and care (EHC) plan

Specialist centres can include extra support for 

  • Autism spectrum 
  • physical disabilities 
  • speech, language and communication difficulties 
  • moderate and specific learning difficulties 
  • hearing impairment 
  • visual impairment 

Find a mainstream primary school with specialist centre here

Find a mainstream secondary school with specialist centre here

Applying to a special school

If the pupil’s needs can’t be met in a mainstream school with special centre, they could be referred to a special school. 

Find a special school in Hounslow here 

You’ll need an EHC assessment to go to a special school.

If there is not a special school that meets your childs needs there maybe schools in other boroughs or independent schools that maybe suitable.  Further information on these can be found here

Pupil referral unit 

These schools provide temporary alternative education for pupils who may not be getting suitable education.  

The focus is to get pupils back into a mainstream school as soon as possible.

Woodbridge Park Education Service is the pupil referral unit in Hounslow.