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Using and managing direct payments

You’ll get all the support you need to fully understand and use your direct payments.

This includes

  • putting together a plan
  • finding the right services
  • employing assistants/ workers and setting up payrolls
  • managing your accounts

You can use direct payments to

  • pay someone to support you, like personal assistant
  • buy services agreed in your support plan.
  • join a group/ take part in activities which meet your needs

You can’t use direct payments for

  • services not in you care plan, or that don’t suit your needs
  • paying people cash in hand
  • household expenses, like bills, clothing and food. 

How to manage your payments

A bank account will be set up for you to use.

The amount agreed you need for support will be sent to your account monthly.

Each payment be sent a month in advance.

The direct payments team will be able to look at the account at any time to make sure you’re on budget.

You’ll need to keep any receipts for services you pay for.

Payment card 

When your direct payment is account set up, you’ll get a payment card to pay for services.

Direct payments card

It looks just like a normal direct debit/ credit card, and you use it in the same way.

  • make payments using chip and PIN
  • pay over the phone
  • make bank transfers

If you can’t manage your direct payments

You can nominate someone to manage them for you.


Direct payments do not affect your entitlement to benefits.