How to get direct payments

Instead of receiving support through council services, now you can get money to pay directly for the services you need.

You’ll need to speak to your SEN officer about getting a personal budget to do this.

Direct payments give you more flexibility and choice in the care you can get.

How to get direct payments

To get direct payments paid to you, first you’ll have to be assessed.

An assessment is a meeting between you and care professionals to put together a plan of support which can help keep independence.

For young people 18 to 25 years

You’ll need to be assessed by a social worker.

Telephone 020 85833100

Young people aged 0 to 18 years

You’ll need to speak to your SEN officer.

If you’re eligible for direct payments, someone will meet you and explain what you need to do next

How much you can get

Read more about direct payment eligibility on the citizens advice webpage