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The EHC assessment process

When you request an education and health care plan, the assessment process will take no longer than 20 weeks.  

Week by week guide

Week 1 your assessment request is received by the the special education needs (SEN) team 

Week 6 your local authority will decide if an assessment should be carried out.   

Professionals are then notified and will contribute to an assessment 

Week 10 after the assessment is done all reports will be presented to a panel of experts and the local authority will decide if an EHC plan should be issued.  

Week 12 if an EHC plan is issued, a draft is sent the parents and young people to review.  

At this point you can ask for a meeting with the SEN team to discuss the content of the draft plan. 

Week 14 any agreed changes to the draft plan will be made. 

During this week you can say which schools you'd like your child to attend.

If the young person is over 16 they can request the college or other institution they'd like to attend. 

Week 15 an amended draft plan is taken to EHC panel 

Week 18 the SEN team will consult with the education providers to see if the child or young person’s needs can be met by them. 

Week 20 the final EHC plan is agreed that best suits the needs of the young person. 

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