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Children's Centre activities for children aged 0 to 5 years

There are several online activities running throughout the summer. Click on the title of each to find out more.

Young Parents Group with Mandy and Elsa - This group provides a warm, friendly and non-judgemental atmosphere for parents aged 25 and under; to play and learn together with your child.

Sharing Their World - ‘Sharing their World’ is a relaxed, friendly and supportive group; specifically tailored for children and parents/carers that have additional needs.

Mini Multiples with Vikki and Chloe - Mini Multiples is a group specifically for parents with multiple birth children. This group provides children with the space and time to develop their own interests and personalities.

Drop-in Baby Group with Vicky and Chloe - Come and meet other families living in the area, each session has a song and story time which is important for children’s speech, language and communication skills. Basic Makaton signs are used during our song time for both children and parents to learn as a way of communication.

Rhythm and Rhyme with Sign by Vicky and Elsa - Rhythm and rhyme is a fun and interactive music session, singing a mixture of traditional and new rhymes for babies 0-18 months using Makaton. These sessions are for all families; however, they aim to support children with SEND.

We also have weekly Activity sheets and Activity, Song and Story Videos sent via WhatsApp.