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Early years - ages 0 to 5

Specialist support for children aged 0-5 years who have a special educational need or disability.

How to get support

If you think a child aged 0 to 5 has special educational needs, they can be assessed for support.

If they are in a nursery or other pre school setting then speak to the Special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO)/Manager.  

If they are not in a nursery or preschool setting then speak to your gp or health visitor.  

Most children will be able to attend a local nursery or childminder. See Choosing childcare for further information.

There are specialist services that can support your child either in nursery/setting or at home.

Support can include:

How to refer a child

Each service will have its own criteria and referral process listed on its page.

If you’re a professional like a teacher, doctor or social worker, you can only refer a child once you have parental consent.

Specialist services may talk to you about further referrals or more detailed assessments they think maybe needed.  This is called a statutory assessment