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If you think your child has special needs

If you feel your child has special education needs or disabilities, their school or nursery will assess them to see if they need any extra support.

You simply need to speak to the special educational needs coordinator (SENCO).

If your child is not at a school or nursery and you feel they may have additional needs speak to your Health visitor or GP. More information can be found in the child development section. 

You can also get advice and support from the Hounslow information and support service

Pre school settings can access the early years SEN team to support the inclusion of children with additional needs.

Extra funding for pre school settings to support children with needs may be available they can find out more here

How a school or nursery assesses your child

Finding the best plan to support your child is done in four stages.

#1 Assessment

Trained school staff will carry out an analysis of the child’s needs.

  • looking at other assessments carried out

  • previous progress

  • attainment

  • behaviour

#2 Create a plan

You’ll work with professionals to agree what’s the best support your child needs so they can reach their potential.

These may include professionals from outside the setting/school such as

Early years SEN advisors

Educational psychology service

sensory support and physical disability teachers

 or Health professionals such as Occupational therapists amongst others

This will then be reviewed regularly.

#3 Do

The school or setting will be responsible for working with your child on a daily basis, to make sure that the plan is being delivered.

#4 Review

Your child’s progress will be evaluated to see how effective the support has been for them.

If needed, adjustments can be made to your child's plan.

If you feel more needs to be done

If the steps above are done and you still think that further support is needed, you can request an Education, Health and needs assessment

It’s a detailed investigation into your child's special educational needs and to see what other specialist support they may need to be provided.