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Grants and Charities

Charitable grants and gifts

Having a child with special educational needs can mean additional expenses as you need to specialist equipment, tools or extra help and support.

To help with the cost of these, there are a number of charitable grants that are available for you to apply for.

A grant is money, or a voucher, that contributes towards the cost of you buying something. Although it may not cover the full cost of the item, which means that you may need to pay something towards the full cost, a grant is almost always completely free.

Find out what grants are available for children with disabilities or learning needs and how to apply for them below

Martindale fund - Local charity that supports physically disabled school age children.

Isleworth & Hounslow charity  - Local charity that provides one off grants in times of need.

Family Fund - Largest UK fund provider for grants for a wide range of needs and equipment, including holidays.

Newlife - charity that supplies equipment and expertise as well as grants towards the purchase of specific equipment such as car seats

Turn2us - searches a large database of grants

Disability Grant - wide range of grants

Charitable funding for equipment

Many families are finding that equipment and/or adaptations for their children cannot be funded by statutory services and are therefore seeking alternative funding means - particularly charitable funding. To assist you in these situations, we have listed a range of national charities.

However - before you seek charitable funding (or buy) equipment for your child, we would advise you to seek specialist advice. This will help you plan for both immediate and long term needs, will increase awareness of the alternatives on the market, and to check whether the equipment you need can be provided by the statutory services (if this hasn't already been investigated). Furthermore, most applications require the support of a qualified health or medical professional.