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About education, health and care plans

If you feel your school’s SEND programme is unable to support the needs of the young person, you can request a more detailed education, health and care assessment. 

This assessment could lead to an education and health care plan (EHC plan).  

What an EHC plan does 

  • details exactly what the special needs are 

  • reflects the choices and ambitions of the young person 

  • sets out what support is needed to meet the outcomes of your plan 

  • includes health and care needs where they’ll support the child’s education 

Who can request an EHC plan 

  • parents 

  • young person between 16 and 25 years old 

  • someone who works in a school or post 16 education 

Before requesting an assessment 

How to apply for an EHC assessment

You can apply for an EHC assessment here 

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