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Free childcare for children with a disability and special educational needs

15 hours free for 2 year olds

There is up to 15 hours of free childcare for 38 weeks available to children the term after they turn 2 if they have:

If your child is not getting DLA, check to see if they can here DLA for children aged 0-16 years.

To see if you qualify for the free hours please call the Early Years and Childcare Team on 020 8583 6421.

You may also qualify if you are in receipt of certain income related benefits. to see a list of all the criteria and  for further information go to

Free childcare for 3 and 4 year olds

All children are eligible for 15 hours free childcare the term after they turn 3 years.

Working families can apply for an additional 15 hours taking it up to 30 hours free childcare.

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All 3 and 4 year olds are eligible for up to 15 hours of funded childcare and early education a week for 38 weeks a year. 

Eligible working families can get up to 15 hours extra childcare - 30 hours in total.

Dont miss out apply now for a code for September. if you apply after the 31st of August you will need to wait till January to use the code.

If you are eligible for help to pay for your childcare, you will need Ofsted Registered childcare.

Ofsted registered childcare with SEN training and experience in Hounslow

Childcare and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please see the latest guidance for parents and carers about returning to early years provision including the protective measures that have been put in place such as:

  • cleaning hands more often
  • enhanced cleaning of frequently touched surfaces
  • ensuring good respiratory hygiene
  • ensuring that anyone with symptoms themselves or in their household does not attend.

Nurseries, Preschools and Childminders are wonderful places for children to learn and have fun with friends, which supports their development and their overall wellbeing. Attending childcare can be an exciting and joyful experience for children and can also help provide a routine as they develop their social skills. Early years education is an important stage for children where they can flourish and get the best start in life.

If you need any help to find a childcare place please contact the Family Information Service on 020 8583 3470.  Alternatively you can email them at

24 hours of free childcare for 0 to 8 year olds through the Short Breaks team

The Short Breaks Service will pay for an introductory 24 hours childminding free. This is an opportunity for you and the childminder to start building a long-term supportive relationship for your child.

A registered childminder is a person who looks after children in the childminder’s own home.

To search for a registered childminder with SEND training and experience, go to: Childminders with SEND experience.

Contact the childminder to see if they can accommodate your child’s individual needs along with the hours and days you are looking for.

Once you have found someone who meets your needs, call the Short Breaks team. They will organise payment of the first 24 hours with the childminder. After you have used the 24 hours free It will be up to you to pay for the childcare. Please see the other drop downs on this page to see if there is other help for you to continue with the childminder.

Points to remember

• Your family/child must be registered with Short Breaks to use this service

• Your child must meet level of need pathway 2 or 3

• Once the 24 hours introductory offer is over, it is your responsibility to continue paying for the service.

For more information or to discuss organising your childminding, please call the Short Breaks team on 020 8583 3636.