Getting into work

If you’re a young person with a special educational needs or disabilities, there are many ways you can achieve your ambitions.

Ways of getting into work

Supported internships are programmes that support young people with SEND move from education to employment.

  • Young people 16-24 with an EHCP
  • Likely to learn more by 'doing' as learning is mainly on the job 
  • Unpaid
  • more than 6 months- usually a year
  • if possible move into paid employment at end
  • personalised study programme

Project Search is the name of a number of supported internships in the local area

Find out about Project Search

There are other providers.

Dynamic training Supported internship programme

Provider in Greenford with wide ranging programme

If you don’t yet have the skills needed to start your career, a traineeship can give you the experience you need to find a job. 

Find out about DfE traineeships here.

In an apprenticeship, you can earn a salary while getting on-the-job training job training and qualifications.  

You can find out more on the DfE guide to becoming an apprentice.

If you need work support like adaptations, equipment or travel support.

Access to work can pay for practical support if you have a disability

Scope have a support to work service online and by phone - find out more here

If you have Downs syndrome

WorkFit can give you support on advice so you can fulfil your work ambitions

Find out about WorkFit opportunities here 

Work support for Young People with a diagnosis of autism

If you have autism, CareTrade is a charity which provides support to move from school/ college into employment. 

Careers Advice

Connexions work with young people and can also advice schools on preparing for adulthood with specialist advisors for young people with SEND

Careers coach a mobile office that travels around Hounslow where you can get information, advice and guidance on employment, skills and training.

Skills escalator service if you get housing benefits, this service can give you one-to-one careers advice

The National Careers Service provides lots of free information and advice for young people to help you make decisions about learning, training and work opportunities.

If you have a disability and you're studying on a course or looking to get into work, there is lots of advice available on the website too

Scope have a support to work service online and by phone - find out more here

Financial Support

You may be entitled to financial support while you work. 

Find out more about working with benefits at the entitledto website here

Personal Independence Payment PIP is not related to income.  More information can be found here

Employment Support Allowance (ESA)

You may get ESA if your illness or disability affects your ability to work and you’re:

  • under State Pension age
  • not getting Statutory Sick Pay or Statutory Maternity Pay and you have not gone back to work
  • not getting Jobseeker’s Allowance

You can apply for ESA if you’re employed, self-employed, unemployed or a student on Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment.

You may also be able to claim Universal credit

Advice and support in looking for work

British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD)

A website providing information on services and training relating to people with a learning disability. BILD is a membership organisation and all BILD members receive a fortnightly update giving the latest news in the field of learning disabilities

For advice on applying for jobs, visit the government website here 

Hounslow Mental Health Employment Directory-see documents downloads

Inside, you will find information on organisations offering a range of services and support for Hounslow residents who are thinking about getting into or returning to employment. We have included some useful online links too.

Please check the booklet for criteria as many services are offered to those with disability as well as mental health issues.

Some of the organisations also offer services to people who are already in work and feel the need for some additional support. This is known as Job Retention support.
Each organisation provides a brief introduction to what they offer as well as their contact details and eligibility criteria.
The directory is organised into three categories:
1. Volunteering
2. Employment and Training
3. Educational opportunities

What is the Hounslow Mental Health Employment Network?
The network brings together a range of providers in the Borough of Hounslow that support people who experience barriers to employment in relation to their mental health.
While member organisations vary in their approach, the network aims to contribute to creating the best possible employment outcomes for those who use our range of services.