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You Said, We Did

You Said, We Did: Developing the SEND Local Offer & Co-Production

At Hounslow we want all SEND services, support, guidance and provision to be easy to access, clear and clean! That’s why your feedback is so important to us.

On this page we will regularly publish the comments we've received about the SEND Local Offer and the actions we've taken in response. This feedback will improve and develop the SEND Local Offer web platform.

The Co-Production Partnership is committed to changing this by embedding a “You said, we did” culture with Parent Carers and Young People as partners via their lived experiences.

You Said, We Did: 2024 Action List

Action Date: March 2024

You Said: We were asked to further improve pathway development for the SEND Local Offer. This was to prevent the information sitting across two separate Local Offer websites. 

We Did: We have provided one clear access pathway via the Hounslow Local Offer platform which will drastically reduce the number of clicks needed to access information. Discussions around a new Local Offer platform are currently in the discovery stages. Even at this early stage, if you would like to make a comment, please Email the Local Offer team.

Action Date: February 2024

You Said: We were asked to provide opportunities for Parent Carers to be able to question Senior Leaders within the Council regarding SEND issues.

We Did: Discussions have taken place with the Parent Carer Forum and a cross section of Parent Carers will be able to pose their questions to Senior Leaders in a panel-style arrangement at the Annual SEND Summit. We have actually taken further steps to ensure that a cross section of Young People have the same opportunity to ask questions of the Senior Leaders at the Summit.

Action Date: January 2024

You Said: Following the successful pilot of the SEND Surgeries that provide families with an informal opportunity to drop-in, ask questions and receive help, advice and support on SEND, we were asked to run monthly sessions.

We Did: We have now implemented a monthly SEND Surgery which is conducted in both the east and west of the Borough.

You Said, We Did: 2023 Action List

Action Date: October 2023

You Said: Young People & Parents Carers told us they were not familiar with our Local Offer, did not know where to find it and did not understand its name or what it did.

We Did: In the first half of 2023 we have conducted 69 Co-Production meetings with young people and parent carers with 621 Hounslow residents in total attended these meetings. We will continue via road shows, SEND Surgeries, schools, SENCOs and social media to inform residents of this key service.

Action Date: October 2023

You Said: Of those who have used the Local offer they found the pathways to access information confusing.

We Did: Over the last 7 months we have worked with Young People & Parent Carers to redevelop the current SEND Local Offer website – to ensure clearer access to pathways. We will continue to develop and improve this accessibility over the coming months.

Action Date: October 2023

You Said: Young People said a QR code would help improve access to the SEND Local Offer website.

We Did: We are developing a SEND Local Offer QR code to improve access to the site. The QR code will be available by 17th October 2023.

Action Date: October 2023

You Said: Young People told us we often engage with their Parent Carers, but their views may be different.

We Did: Future Co-Production groups will include combine Parent Carer and Young People meetings, as we do currently with EHC and EHCP Annual Reviews.