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About Our Local Offer

What is the SEND Local Offer?

In Hounslow, we refer to our Local Offer as the 'SEND Local Offer'.

The SEND Local Offer provides information, help, guidance and support for Children & Young People living with SEND, their families and SEND Professionals all in one place. The SEND Local Offer contains information in the areas of Education, Health and Social Care, as well as various community activities including clubs, support groups and other local, regional and national services.

How to use the SEND Local Offer website

Main Accessible Pathways:
Our SEND Local Offer is split into three main accessible pathways:

  • I am a Young Person 
  • I am a Parent Carer
  • I am a Professional 

These main pathways contain different pages and information that will be relevant depending on which pathway applies to you. Some of this information will overlap between the other main pathways, but each will have pages and information that are only found on one pathway and not on the others. 

Each page will be filled with various different information regarding a subject area, some of which may not be relevant to you, but will be for others. For example, The EHC Journey contains information regarding the Annual Review process, which may not be relevant if you have only just requested an EHC Needs Assessment for the first time.

This has been done so that anyone who visits our SEND Local Offer can find the information they need now as well as information they may need in the future. We believe it is better to have too much information, than not enough!

Colour Scheme:
Our SEND Local Offer uses two shades of purple to distinguish information. One dark purple, and one light purple.

Our dark purple tabs indicate other pathways. These are tabs that take you to other pages containing more information. Our light purple tabs and boxes contain information.