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Relationships, sex and sexuality

Good and healthy relationships with family, friends and partners is something we all want. Sometimes can find overwhelming, stressful or even abusive.

If you are:

  • worried about your relationship
  • are questioning your sexuality
  • being pressured into things you feel you are not ready for,

If you feel it’s too difficult or embarrassing to talk with a parent, teacher, relative or friend, there are helplines and websites to turn to.

Sexual Health

Come Correct - Free condoms for under 25s  - If you are under 24 years, the C-card scheme enables you to collect free condoms at a number of locations in Hounslow and across London. Register for the C-Card in Hounslow to get free condoms, advice and guidance on safer sexual practices. List of C-card service providers.

Check Yourself - Chlamydia is the most diagnosed sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the UK, with sexually active young people at highest risk. You can get tested at the sexual health clinic, or at your GP practice. You can also test yourself at home.

Emergency contraception - There are two types of emergency contraception, both of which are available at your local sexual health clinic.

London’s sexual health e-service - Residents of Hounslow, aged over 16, can now request free STI testing kits online.

Specialist one-stop-shop clinics for young people under the age of 20.

During our young people's clinic times, specialist nurses can provide contraception, STI testing and advice, sign you up for the C-card and answer any questions you may have around sexual health or relationships.
Heart of Hounslow, 92 Bath Road TW3 3EL, Fridays from 2pm to 4pm
Feltham Centre for Health, TW13 4GU, Wednesdays from 4pm to 6pm

Sexual Health Hounslow Young Person’s Clinic in a box at First Care and Little Park GP surgeries

Sexual Health Hounslow is offering a free and confidential young person’s community Sexual Health service:
  • Sexual health advice and information
  • Contraception
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Condoms
  • Sexual Health infection testing
  • Treatment for sexually transmitted infections
When: Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month
Opening time: Walk in clinic between 3pm-6pm, just turn up!
Who is the clinic for: Young people between the ages of 14-19 years old
Clinic Locations:
First Care GP Surgery, The Blenheim Centre, Prince Regent Road, Hounslow, TW3 1IL
Clinic Location: Little Park GP surgery, 281 Hounslow Rd, Feltham TW13 5JG

Relationships and sexuality information and advice links

Childline - Friends, Relationships & Sex  - online or on the phone anytime - Relationships can make you feel amazing. But they can also leave you feeling stressed out and upset. Get advice if you're having problems with relationships.

Childline - Sexuality - online or on the phone anytime -  Trying to understand your sexuality can be confusing sometimes. If you’re struggling to cope or you’re not sure what to do next, we’ve got advice to help.