Hounslow Youth Council

Hounslow Youth Council are a group of young people aged 11-18, from different backgrounds and experiences. Their role is to represent the views of children and young people from across the borough.

Their aim is to:

  • Inspire change and influence decision making.
  • Get data and insight on the habits, trends and challenges young people face.
  • Take action to improve things for every child and young person in Hounslow.

They do this by:

  • Working closely with decision makers to solve community problems.
  • Leading consultations with young people in Hounslow.
  • Running youth led campaigns, activities and events for young people and decision makers.

As a result, Hounslow Youth Councillors:

  • Work closely with senior decision makers, making a positive difference to Hounslow.
  • Make sure decision makers have the right data to help them make the right decisions.
  • Learn new skills, make friends for life and get a FANTASTIC reference for work or further education.
See what they have been up to...
To join and have your #youthvoice:
Text, “I’m in Hounslow + name + DOB + postcode” to: 07734 387 365
Email Participation People at hounslow@participationpeople.com
Follow us on Twitter twitter.com/LBHYouthCouncil