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Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking

People drink alcohol for all sorts of reasons. Some find that it helps them to be more sociable, relaxed and confident. However, you should never rely on alcohol to feel good about yourself, nor should you feel pressured by your friends to drink more than you want to. After drinking too much, people are more likely to have an accident, become involved in a fight or have unsafe sex. These are all unnecessary risks.
You may find you take drugs because your friends do it, you think it might be fun or it will make you forget all your worries. Taking drugs can become a habit and it can have a devastating impact on your health and future. The first step to avoiding drugs is knowing the drug facts about what they are and what they do when they are used.
Some people say smoking helps you cope with stress. Some say it's a social thing, a way of relaxing with friends. Some people smoke because they are unhappy. Many say they wish they had never started. The younger you start smoking the more damage your body will suffer when you get older.
HYPE - Hounslow Young People Engaged
HYPE is the Young People’s Drug and Alcohol service for the London Borough of Hounslow. They work with anyone under 18 that are:
  • affected by drugs and alcohol
  • who have a negative experience of parental substance misuse.
  • They understand if drugs and alcohol are impacting on your life. They can work with you to provide you with treatment options that suit you.
They Offer:
  • 1:1 sessions
  • Outreach service – They can meet you where it suits you
  • Education about drugs and alcohol
  • Space to talk things through
  • Up to date information and advice
  • Help with deciding what changes you want to make
  • Support to cut down, quit and gain control
  • Access and support to other services which can support you
  • Contact them on 01895 488675 or email