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Preparation of Adulthood

From age 14, young people start to consider what they want to do with their lives. Some young people need support to be more independent as they reach adulthood. Some young people need help to make choices and to take control over decisions that affect them.  

Preparation for Adulthood describes the period between the ages of 14 and 25 when young people, their families and others who support them consider: 

  • Employment - opportunities to experience the world of work and achieve paid employment or a positive economic contribution 
  • Developing Independence - maximising skills to live as independently as possible
  • Social environment- developing friends, relationships, networks of support and accessing community events and facilities
  • Good Health - maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being able to access preventative and emergency healthcare services

Supporting young people to build a firm foundation in the local community ready for when they leave formal education or training can be complex because sometimes it needs professionals from different areas – education, health, social care, housing and employment – to work together to achieve good outcomes for the young person.

In other pages you can find related information about funding for post 16 SEN education provision and SEN Support in mainstream schools and colleges. 

In these pages you will find things to consider, changes that will happen and who can help.  You may find it useful to look at years before and after the current one.

For young people with an EHCP preparing for Adulthood should be the focus of annual reviews, contact your SEN case officer for help and advice.